Up for a game of 'guess the mystery ceph'?


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Nov 19, 2002
Hi from Scripps! This is my first week working in the collections to identify and catalogue the rather extensive cephalopod specimens in their Pelagic Invertebrate Collections. When I started there were 2600... but by splitting up groups where multiple different taxa have been stored together in a single jar, they've increased by 200 already :twisted: I'll be here the rest of this week, and back in November with more of the ALCES crew.

Thought a few people might have fun trying their hand (arm) at identifications, so I'll post a few photos of interesting things I'm encountering in the collections. We'll start with an 'easy' one...

Mystery squid 1.jpg
For the first one, my reply with ;) above was designed as a hint at histioteuthis. Not sure of specific species tho - honestly not sure how many known variations of those guys are out there!

Hmmm, second one must be one of those glass squid? Although maybe @GPO87 has a broader juristriction than I thought?

I started out thinking this would be easy and now I’m all :bonk:
lol!! DUH!! ...got me good

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