Biggest 'squid Christmas' ever coming up in a few weeks


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Nov 19, 2002
Hi everyone! ALCES are excited to announce that we have a very cool project coming up... we will be visiting the collections at Scripps and identifying/cataloguing their ceph holdings, in order to create a catalogue of what's there. At present what we know is that there are about 2,000 specimen lots, collected mostly from the CA region over the past few decades, and that about 1,000 of these have never even been ID'd beyond 'cephalopod'. Soooo, this will be a giant foray into unknown material, and I'm sure we will turn up some very cool stuff! We'll try to keep the community posted and maybe we can even play a few rounds of guess-the-mystery-ceph. Our visits will be made across a few scattered weeks for the rest of the year, so stay tuned!

:tentacle:I am looking forward to learning more about layperson identification. For the , "guess-the-mystery-ceph" games, please use animals that you can ID and then describe the major hints after a member/members correctly name the animal. Also, you might request that participants list what they see that helped make the guess (for better or worse).

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