New Giant Squid livestream coming up next week (Aug 20/21 2018)

Hey everyone! I'm going to be checking tonmo every so often! If you have questions, please ask! We will try to answer promptly.


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As it doesn't look like the videos are going to be re-posted anywhere on Auckland Museum's website and they're creeping pretty far down the FB page now, I thought it might be useful to compile the links to the various segments here:

Intro / first segment (starts at 0:52 since they didn't tell us we were live until then! :roll:)
A group of school kids comes to take a look
Discussing heavy metals with PhD student Alex Lischka :band:
General intro to the squid: arms, skin, eyes
Looking inside the mantle and first look at the beaks
Comparing giant & colossal squids with PhD student Aaron Evans (plus more beaks & radula)
The end: Dissecting the head, eyes, brain & ink sac

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