New Giant Squid livestream coming up next week (Aug 20/21 2018)


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Nov 19, 2002
Hi y’all. It’s giant squid time again!

Next Tuesday (21 Aug in New Zealand; Monday 20 Aug in the US) we’ll be examining a recently caught specimen of Architeuthis, at the Auckland Museum. The exact plan is still being developed, but the Museum has plans to live stream at least part of the day on their Facebook page, and to engage with the online community in real time to answer some public questions. We will post more info here as the timing becomes clearer.

Hope to see you online next week!

Awesome!! Looking forward to the specs of this specimen! Where caught, when, fresh or preserved, ML, your general take on specimen quality, all that jazz. Looking forward - thanks T!!
Hi Tony, can already tell you a little... it's a really recent specimen, caught as bycatch in late June 2018 off the west coast of New Zealand's South Island. It had a slightly fraught journey up to AUT--got lost along the way :eek2: How do you lose a frozen giant squid, you might ask? Good question. Answer: its container got loaded for transport without either the contents or destination being labeled on the outside! I ended up making some frantic calls from international airports while traveling to the US in early July, to be sure it hadn't been unexpectedly delivered somewhere and was gently defrosting without our knowledge... but it has now arrived safely (and still frozen) at the Museum, where we will get to take a look early next week. Stay tuned!
LOL! Next time try carry-on!

Haha. Confirming that the link posted above is correct (Auckland Museum's Facebook page). We're aiming to kick off around 10am NZ time (that's 5pm US Central on Monday 20 Aug). See you online!

(And here's a first look at the specimen)


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