Extra! Extra! Live (broadcast) giant squid event coming up on 18 June

affirmative... as far as TONMO is concerned. :smile: Would appreciate some TONMO promotion, as I'm sure as TePapa would... I'll leave that to Kat!
Hi guys, anyone, anywhere is welcome to view this live event. It's being hosted by Auckland University of Technology (AUT), with the squid specimens donated for research by NIWA's invertebrate collections and the Scientific Observer Programme (funded by NZ's Ministry for Primary Industries and Dept of Conservation). Te Papa is not actually involved in this one.

Jean, yes, Tyler will be here and will be put to work :wink:

I am adding the link to the live feed at the top of this thread!

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Also, meet the contestants... Note that Bachelor #2 is a case of mistaken identity but still very cool and still going to be examined!


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