1. Tintenfisch

    Up for a game of 'guess the mystery ceph'?

    Hi from Scripps! This is my first week working in the collections to identify and catalogue the rather extensive cephalopod specimens in their Pelagic Invertebrate Collections. When I started there were 2600... but by splitting up groups where multiple different taxa have been stored together...
  2. CaptFish

    Mysterious sea creature...

    A mysterious sea creature was spotted by cameras on an oil rig....jelly? ceph? garbage bag?
  3. tonmo

    [non-ceph]: WTF "Cascade Creature"

    A few of us have been chatting about this on FB: What is it? Non-ceph of course, but we TONMOers do love blobs, bloops, and shoggoths... Daily Mail coverage here: Unidentified floating object: Mysterious blob filmed in the deep - and no-one can work out what it could be
  4. Steve O'Shea

    Unknown Phylum. Any suggestions?

    The following has been relayed to me by Miss Gwenith Penry, who has very kindly given me permission to post these images online. I am at a complete loss as to what this animal is ... a complete loss!! Can anyone shed any light on this? Unknown Sea creature sighting During the 09.30...
  5. Jean

    New Mysterious Blob found in NZ

    Hi All, got these pics from DOC officer (dept conservation) this blob washed ashore 22nd Dec on Oreti Beach near Invercargill (VERY southern NZ). They were sent to me in case it was a squid...........but it doesn't look squiddish to me! It looked mammalish! What do you think? J