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Trying to lock the vault doors.


Nov 17, 2004
Can anyone post up pictures, or let me know what you did to help seal your tank. my friend has a 75 gallon with a overflow box and would like to know what he can do to seal it and or any other tricks or tips that can be done to get a tank octopus ready. He is thinking Bimac also if that matters any. We've looked around on here and found lots of pic's of Octopuses but none of the tops of tanks.

Please help us if you can.
I use good old duct tape! And there's a pic of the Baltimore Aquariums GPO's top of the tank in the octopus den on page 2 .
Scouse said:
why not cut perspex and silicone :?:

'tis what we use! Astroturf was a pain in the neck! If it gets wet after a while it starts to smell, plus it traps any debris you might accidentally spill on it AND if you don't have enough of it the octi simply reaches over it and goes on his/her merry way :x

There is a thread called Portobello Octopus over in Journals and Photos forum. In it you will find a photo called octopus fortress. This shows the back of our octopus tank with the perspex in place. The white gunge on the concrete is the remains of the glue from the Astroturf we got rid of!


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