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toy replenishment


Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2006
Hello! :snorkel:

I want to ask how frequently you introduce new toys into your tank. I can see that some are more stimulating than others and am going by that. Also, do you leave them in the tank or take them out and re-introduce them again later? :boat:

Thanks again everyone!
G*S KING;86768 said:
i was wondering about the toys what type do you use i have only pvc pipe in minr right now

Infant toys are a really good way to go. The newborn ones tend to be sterile [although a quick boil before putting them in the tank doesn't hurt]. Mine had a rattle and a mr. potato head...all octos are different though...some don't even like toys at all :smile:
toys I've tried

Hello again! :grin:

The first thing I have tried with my last two octopuses is actually a shell that's already in the tank. It's about 1 1/2 inches and when I fill it with air it dances around the top of the tank in the small waves. If they play with it, it ends up on the bottom of the tank every day. My first octo used it as an ornament and very precisely placed it on a rock with a tiny plant in front of it. It was clear this was ornamental so I left it there. This octo plays with it every night almost.

I also made a toy out of different size straws from different restaraunts. I was showing him/her how to play with it and it got very excited and grabbed me when it grabbed the toy. That was pretty cool. :octopus:

Since he/she was so excited about the first toy and was rearranging the straws every night, I put a stretchy bracelet with round pearly things and little silver shiny peices between them hanging from a high rock. This was clearly not as fun and even though I've moved it a couple of times, it was only of interest for a few days.

I tried a few larger rock samples in different patterns that are round like big marbles too. I thought these would be fun, but they were totally ignored until he/she moved one closer to his/her den. This one is a granite sample and looks like it has almost a flowery polka dot pattern on it.

I thought maybe some clear small marbles that will reflect light, or a ping pong ball or small bouncy ball. I though I might put a string of some sort through the ping pong ball so it can be towed around. Those bouncy balls have that slippery stuff on them and even though I boil everything, I'd hate to put that in if it might be of harm.

I have also noticed that this octo likes to play with seaweed too. I think it might be the texture. He/she has even pulled about half a handfull into its den and seems to like sitting on it.

Well, obviously enough said eh? :lol:
this reminds me: be careful with anything metallic; I'm not sure if copper from alloys can leech into the water enough to cause problems, but you almost certainly don't want to risk it... it sounds like the shiny recommendations are plastic or glass, which should be ok, but I thought it would be a good idea to mention the risk with metals.
My favorite toy for my bimac is a practice golf ball. The kind with the holes in them. Ours is orange and the octopus will reach into it and the other day climbed on top of it rode it to the bottom of the aquarium and let go to do it all again. (the ball floats) I have just added a very large duplo kind of block that is big enough for him to crawl into. He hasn't tested this toy out yet, so I will let you know what he thinks later.

I plan on putting some frozen shrimp into the ball to see if he will fish it out or not. Just an idea.
Hello again! :grin:

Good point on the copper!

I took the bracelet out and changed the color of some of his straws. There are now more with elbows in there.

I also found a package of various sizes of fishing ball lures on clearance (ironically) as I was headed for the ping pong balls. I threaded two together with a stretchy string that was holding my new shoes together. The middle size ball is floating alone. The smallest of these did not hold up as well to the boiling and got dented. More fun for my octo maybe. Because we see S.S. so rarely due to his extremely nocturnal nature, I have not seen if these are getting played with or not. :sink:

Have fun inventing! :goldfish: [/COLOR]

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