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Total Cost


O. bimaculoides
Feb 25, 2004
I've read a lot of posts lately where people seem to be trying to spend virtually no money to set up a tank. I was wondering how much most people have spent and what equipment they have.

I have a 60 gallon, 2 wet dry filters, 4 canister filters, 3 pumps, 1 skimmer, lights, chiller, stand, air pump and aquacontroller. My planned cost was ~$1000...... went way overbudget and ended up with ~$2500 invested. The cool part now is there's nothing really left to buy and the tank takes care of itself mostly (except those pesky water changes).


Aug 7, 2004
man 2 wet dry filters and 4 canisters thats alot, a little to much in my opinion, ive spent roughly to $200 on tank stand fuval 204 lights and a couple other things. more to come though