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top for tank

Dec 10, 2002
IS a glass versa top good enough for a 75 gallon that hopefully will house a bimac. Also how do u check oxygen levels.I have a kent marine bio-rocker and was wondering if that would put enough oxygen in the water.


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
I'm not familiar with a glass versa top, but any cover for an octopus will have to be escape proof - secured in place with no escape holes.

Also, you don't need a biorocker and with the setups most of us use, we don't need to measure the oxygen frequently.

See Colin's Equipment List - click on Ceph Care above. Usually an octo tank has a wet/dry filter, protein skimmer, powerhead, etc.

A 75 gallon will make a nice roomy tank for a bimac!