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Too many rocks?


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
I am getting ready for my little octo and was wodering if I have too many rocks in my 40 gal. tank. What do you all think? I can remove some rock as the octo grows giving him more room. There is about 60lbs of rock stacked bottom to 4'' from the top. It should provide plenty of hiding places for it.
Hi ddarko,

You've obviously gone to some effort to build a nice place for your little octo. It's hard to see this aquascape as a 3-D structure - is there a good amount of sand to play on and chase crabs? And is it very sturdy, because even the little ones are VERY strong.

You probably will need to remove some rock as it grows. I had a 46 gallon with about 50 lbs of live rock, and found I needed more room (but my bimac grew quite large).

Thanks guys. I hope my octo will like it. I think I have it glued togather well. I am leaving to Dallas this weekend and will order my little guy or gal early next week. :heee:

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