TONMOCON II -- taking shape!

erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004
Well, I promised Tony that the major Tonomcon II stuff would premiere into the begining of the New Year, so here goes: MOTE Marine Labs in Sarasota Florida, June 23-24 of 2007, we've got Nancy on Octopus Care, me on cephs in the arts/Cthulhu, Skot Olson showing-off his art, some bad-ass ceph racing - Greg, you in on this? - hopefully some attendance by giant plushy sea monsters - anybody got an in with John Forsythe from NRCC? Apply your influence now, please (contact me and I'll do the naggging); still looking to nail-down James B. Wood, the goodly Dr. SOS (who knows, but maybe if he can - administration work sucks like an architeuthis sucker - but we all know he'd like to and will understand if he can't), want to grab Kevin or Phil or preferably both for a Fossils and History lecture but nothing definite yet. Expecting some other of our European friends, possibly some of our Asian members, hoping for a few from Oceania - it's the New Year now, kids. Start saving your pennies! This will be bigger than last time, and last time was pretty impressive. Besides, Florida rocks in June. That's generally before hurricane season, and MOTE has a gigantic pickled squid.
Continued from last posting: hoping to see Thales again, and then I'm also interested in Monty's suggestion of a moderated panel discussion as opposed to a whole day of nothing but single-speaker lectures. Who else is interested in this option for some of the day?
Erich -

I am so in - already started work on the presentation. :smile:

I am interested in anything you wish me to be interested in!
Indeed I did... and you delivered! :smile:

I want to make sure folks know that we're really doing this, and everyone is invited. I don't believe we've yet settled on any "door fee", but it certainly should not exceed last year's fee of $15 for children, and $30 for adults (if I remember correctly). I believe we (staff) were discussing the idea of an honor system "tip jar" type thing, or perhaps something like $10 per person at the door. Last time around, we asked folks to pay in advance to make sure we had support. Because of the support we're getting from our friends at MOTE, the costs are much less and therefore I don't think we're taking as much a risk as we did last time.

So... please mark your calendars -- I really would like to meet as many of you as possible! Erich and staff and I discussed separately, we believe it will go something like this:

Saturday, June 23rd: People arrive from the airport, check in, go to the aquarium, meet for dinner, drinks, dancing with Cthulhu and The Elders, that kind of thing. We'll exchange PMs with cell phone numbers and whatnot ahead of the event.

Sunday, June 24th: Starting promptly in the morning (perhaps 9am or something like that) we arrive at MOTE and sit down for a day of presentations. The video snippets I posted of Thales speaking about cuttlefish eggs should give a good idea of what it's like -- slide-show presentation, Q&A, etc. Last time we had some raw video footage as well from the MRABI deep-sea voyager -- how cool was that!!!

Sunday night we'll all go on our merry way.

The above is subject to change, but that's the format being considered at current. The Sunday agenda is forthcoming, but includes what Erich alluded to above. Hope you'll join us!
You buy a number, and that is how many blue rings are put into a tank with you, until you can get out.

Quite fun, actually...the winner gets to eat one of Herr Doktor O'Sheas fabulous breakfasts.

I play to lose.
"Ceph-racing" is a closely-guarded secret at this point. People who show will be in the know.:wink:
It would be nice to have as much of us as can be in one hotel, right? I'm trying to make this trip part of some official business prior to the con, so I can be accustomed to the time zone by the time I get to Florida. Would not want to incurr Great Cthulhu's wrath for falling asleep during lectures


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