TONMOCON II: August '06 Update


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May 30, 2000
I locked the "old" TONMOCON II thread since it hasn't been commented on in quite a while... And I'm creating this new thread because... well... as you all sleep at night, there are some things happening to firm up the plan!

We are in very early stages of planning, and Erich may reprimand me for opening this thread :silenced:, but I want to share some things that I think will hold true! So that at least everyone who is interested in the event can start thinking about what this means to them.

More details exist, but here are some parameters:

-- We're pretty sure TONMOCON II will be held in Florida (actually in a specific place but details are still being ironed out)

-- We believe TONMOCON II will be held in something like late June '07, but that's definitely subject to change.

That's probably all I can share at this point... Only other points I can make here are:

-- Very very cool things are being discussed for this event
-- This promises to rival (and dare I say surpass) the excellence of the very excellent [url2=[URL]]TONMOCON[/URL] I[/url2]
-- Erich is the Man with the Plan
-- Carol is in cahoots as well :smile:

Much more to come on this... but broadly speaking... who is in?
Well, since you dropped this on me, obviously I'm in. Who else?! This will be beyond awesome! Cowards need not apply!

We're waiting on details from multiple sources, so they'll be posted as soon as they come in, but you'll all be notified!
Well, I guess it depends on if I will be allowed back, after the horrors of last hair has turned gray because of the batrachian madness.
I definitely am planning on it. I would think that if it can be arranged, the earlier in the summer the better. We're less likely to have travel plans blown by hurricanes (pun intended).
I will certainly try. I'll be trying to relocate to San Diego in November/December and probably starting a new job, so all sorts of things could mess up plans between now and June. I'll try to include a trip to Florida in my summer plans though. Always wanted to see what the hype concerning that state is all about.
Mmmmmmaaaaaybe I will be there... It all depends. Around that time, I might be down in Florida taking a marine neuroscience course (with cephs!) so I might be able to go if it's on a weekend or something... Anyway, I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO...! :bugout:


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