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@tonmo video at post 16 is currently .mp4. Was it .mov originally?

test - idea fail
This has the definite smell of a size issue. I did get a 100% upload but it still did not render when I mess with the name. Try uploading a .mov larger than your test. I can't find one in my files. What I remembered as .mov were actually .avi from my Canon


  • 60BD2F31-7A9E-41BE-BBFC-81E7514BF241.mov
    15.2 MB
I'm glad you mentioned that you get audio; I missed that fact. Still trying to figure out why larger files aren't processing / rendering the video itself.
I had assumed the first post in the thread here was also not working because they were showing as icons instead of inline video:
But, that wasn't the case I simply edited the post and chose the "insert" button for each attachment and as you can see, they now render inline (not icons). Still not sure about sedna's .mov file though.
I just did the same with this post... simple edit to click insert video. I'm not sure why vids default to being attachments vs inline; I'll look for a setting:
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