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push notifications are working! (Apple does not support this unfortunately)


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We now have "similar threads" enabled! Scroll down to the bottom of any forum page to see other threads which are similar to the one you are viewing.

This feature also shows similar threads when creating a new thread, as you type in the title for your post. Helpful on a forum with nearly 20 years of content!
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I have corrected some problems with our Facebook and Twitter integrations, for login and registration. Some folks may need to login again, but this should be a one-time task. Thank you for your patience!
I've implemented a new system for our Cephalopod Articles, and most files have been converted with the exception of a few categories (like the Tako the Octopus series and and book / movie reviews).

If you are not logged in, you'll only see the first couple of paragraphs -- login or register to see full contents. Also, every article now supports a comments section (restricted to members)... And members can also offer Reactions to articles (e.g., likes, etc.), and rate them.

And finally, all Registered Members, Supporters, and Staff can create their own articles; it's as easy as posting here on the forums. They do go into a moderation queue which I'll review and offer any feedback prior to approving. The "About the Author" section can be managed by you in your profile settings, here (scroll down a bit).

I'm looking forward to your continued contributions!
Profile posts and status updates are now disabled, in order to remove confusion with methods of communication and interactivity... (less is more in this case!) The basic means for interaction on TONMO are via our forums, and through private conversations. Comments and reactions (likes) are also available in our Gallery and Articles sections.

Streamlined Profile page:

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