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  1. tonmo

    [Featured]: New TONMO Staff member: Dr. Gavan Cooke!

    I am very happy to announce that Dr. Gavan Cooke (@GavanMCooke) has joined the TONMO Staff! Gavan is a behavioral ecologist (see full bio below) and has been a TONMO member since 2014. In addition to participating in our forums, Gavan will contribute unique content to other site areas (e.g...
  2. tonmo

    [Featured]: TONMO.com - 20th Anniversary!!

    What a run! I'll be sending out a newsletter* on our 20th anniversary, which is May 29th. Post a note below to wish the community a Happy Anniversary -- and THANK YOU for being a part of it! :tentacle: :party: I dug deep into the digital archives; here is the initial launch, such that it is...
  3. tonmo

    TONMO Website Changelog

    This thread will describe all functional changes to the TONMO Website and community. Suggestions & feedback welcome! Coming soon: mobile push notifications, reactions, better video embedding and more! Check out @cephs’s Tweet:
  4. tonmo

    How TONMO Came To Be...

    Originally Posted Nov 28, 2010. When a Web community has lived as long as we have (TONMO was founded May 30, 2000), it has a story to tell. Actually, we have a few stories to tell, but I will start here with the story of how TONMO came to be. I get a lot of questions about this, and the Site...