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  1. tonmo

    [Featured]: New TONMO Staff member: Dr. Gavan Cooke!

    I am very happy to announce that Dr. Gavan Cooke (@GavanMCooke) has joined the TONMO Staff! Gavan is a behavioral ecologist (see full bio below) and has been a TONMO member since 2014. In addition to participating in our forums, Gavan will contribute unique content to other site areas (e.g...
  2. tonmo

    [Featured]: TONMO.com - 20th Anniversary!!

    What a run! I'll be sending out a newsletter* on our 20th anniversary, which is May 29th. Post a note below to wish the community a Happy Anniversary -- and THANK YOU for being a part of it! :tentacle: :party: I dug deep into the digital archives; here is the initial launch, such that it is...
  3. OctoThoughts


    What follows is an archive of some of the thoughts and observations posted on TONMO.com in the early years... A Mother's Day Reflection By Tony Morelli As we know, next to our own moms (who are indeed the very best), octopus moms are among the most selfless in the universe. My sister and her...
  4. tonmo

    TONMO Website Changelog

    This thread will describe all functional changes to the TONMO Website and community. Suggestions & feedback welcome! Coming soon: mobile push notifications, reactions, better video embedding and more! Check out @cephs’s Tweet:
  5. tonmo

    Major Forum Upgrade

    Our regular visitors will notice that we've implemented a major software upgrade today! Too many features to list right now (but have a look here if you're into it), and still much work to do. Please stand by while dust settles, and certain optimizations / restorations are made... but the...
  6. Your Webmaster

    Your Webmaster

    Illustrated by TONMO member ekocak.
  7. tonmo

    Subtle change to the homepage...

    Minor update, but it just makes more sense. Note, some more substantial changes might be expected by end of year as the forum software gets updated. I'll keep you posted!
  8. tonmo

    A bit of site downtime...

    At some point between now and Monday. Gonna upgrade the underlying platform a bit for better performance. Apologies in advance for any disruption to your cephy day!
  9. tonmo

    How TONMO Came To Be...

    Originally Posted Nov 28, 2010. When a Web community has lived as long as we have (TONMO was founded May 30, 2000), it has a story to tell. Actually, we have a few stories to tell, but I will start here with the story of how TONMO came to be. I get a lot of questions about this, and the Site...