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May 30, 2000
Our regular visitors will notice that we've implemented a major software upgrade today!

Too many features to list right now (but have a look here if you're into it), and still much work to do. Please stand by while dust settles, and certain optimizations / restorations are made... but the forums are fully functional, so please keep on with your cephy business, and if you have any issues with the TONMO experience, please reply here with your input and I'll do my best to support.

Puts us in good shape for #tcon7 :smile2: - TONMOCON VII Announced

More to come!
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We now have Featured posts on the homepage... have optimized a few things, but still some issues... feel free to add any suggestions and I'll take it into account.

my own punch list:
-- fix members online list (not capturing all visitors)
-- fix search
-- fix articles page and sub-forum page formatting
-- fix link formatting

-- table support
-- remove link menu item
-- optimize site navigation
-- Twitter integration on homepage
-- homepage layout rationalization
-- session mgt
/ fix caching
-- logo refresh
-- attachment file size
-- fix header formatting on some/most Articles
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