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I don't know about you, but I want a "top" button within threads... so I just put one there! Now, when you're reading a post, you can click the "Top" link to go right to the top of the page, to get to the main navigation... no more tiresome scrolling!! :wink:

OH MAN, I have wanted to suggest this a million, trillion times! My solution (a floating top arrow) was more complex to add and this simple one works at least as well!!! THANK YOU!
Video 2016 TONMO download
TONMO now supports downloading video directly to the site.

Option 1) is to simply choose "Upload a File" when posting a reply, and selecting the video. To your point, the user will then only be able to download the raw file and play it locally, vs. being able to stream it inline within the thread. I've uploaded a video of our dogs playing outside last year to demonstrate :smile2: (it can be found at the bottom of this post, under the Option 2 example.... file name is "--).mp4").

Option 2) is to go to the Media tab, and choose the Add Media button in the upper right. For your category, choose Cephalopod Videos, and then select the middle tab titled "Upload a Video". Once uploaded, ANY video may be embedded within a post by copying the "Share BB [GALLERY] Code:" which is displayed in the right margin of the page, and then pasting the text in the forum you are replying in. Example:

Direct download example.

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