TONMO convention

Last year's was a hoot, and super informative...I'm sure this year's will be even better, but the whole idea is to have them in different locales every, just keep in touch, we'll be appearing in a city near you soon !
[weeps copious tears of ink]

Alas, this year I will once again be unable to join you folks at TONMOcon. In addition to severe financial limitations, I will also be volunteering that weekend at the annual MoCCA (Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art) ArtFest here in Da Big Apple.

Will be keeping each and every one of you in my :tentacle::tentacle::tentacle: (all three of 'em) on 23-24 June, and sending a multi-armed cyber-hug your way. Please post lots of TONMOcon pix, news, gossip, etc. so I can remain in the loop.

FYI, I'm currently reading an obscure but amazingly original book of c.s.f. (ceph sci-fi) called QUEEN OF THE CEPHALOPODS by a quirky natural talent named Roger Wyse. The story has thoroughly captivated me despite numerous spelling errors, grammatical flaws, and stylistic awkwardness, which I attribute to poor editing.

I'm about halfway through QOTC at the moment, and promise to do a book review for TONMO when I've finished reading it. (I'm also thinking about inviting the author to join TONMO, if I can somehow find him online.)

Will try to catch up on the latest TONMO posts this evening. "Sea" ya soon....

Your long-lost (but hopefully not forgotten) benthic buddy,

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