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thinking about setting up a octo tank?


Aug 24, 2004
I am new the whole salt water fish experience and I do no that I should wait for about year before getting an octo, and I will wait but i want to buy the whole system now so when I feel im ready I can just pick him or her up.

65 Gallon Aquarium with a built-in overflow box so you never have to look at any of your filtration. Comes with a MDF Black Stand and Canopy and with a EuroFill sump. Also includes a G1 protein skimmer. Includes an Aqualight 2x96 watt Power Compact hood. Also includes a 200 watt Ebo-Jager Heater, 2x20 lbs. bags of Live Sand, 40 lbs of mixed live rock, Salt mix, Reef Buffer 8.3 and bottle of Prime de-chlorinator.

It is for sale for arround $1200
am i paying to much?
will i need to buy anything else?
Hi Andy,

I always think it's a good idea to set you tank up extra early - I know I benefited from the extra time learning how to take care of a salt water aquarium. And youll have lots of amphipods for your little octo.

I had a look at your possible tank, looks nice. I don't know this tank or its equipment - the price seems about right for an LFS, according to what I've seen here. I don't know these particular brands.

You don't need all of this - you won't need such big powerful lights for an octopus, you may not need a heater for a bimac (depends on your house temperature) and you certainly won't need de-clorinator for a saltwater tank, since you'll be buying or making RO/DI water.

You will need a thermometer, a hydrometer, a pH meter or test kit, tests kits for nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia, probably a powerhead, an algae cleaner or cleaning magnet and a few other small accessories. Might be good to have an additional 20 lbs of liverock. And be sure to ask for a few extra 5 or 7 gallon empty salt buckets - you'll need them.

Do you have other nearby LFSs where you could do some comparative shopping? (Don't know whether you live in a large city or not.)


Thans for the help but actually that tank was online do you think i should goo to a local pet shop? I just figured they would be much cheaper online
what about this filter system


The Ecosystem Filtration Method is based on the principles of ecology and is a natural filtration system that simulates the environment found in coral reefs. It does not require a Protein Skimmer or activated carbon to purify the water. It keeps the water well oxygenated through the photosynthesis of Caulerpa and entirely eliminates the need for air pumps. Caulerpa can also be harvested and used as fresh, natural food for fish. In addition, Caulerpa prevents the growth of undesired hair algae by competing for essential nutrients.

The EcoSystem Filtration Method uses the end products of fish metabolism and fixes them into plant tissue, therefore preventing the accumulation of harmful ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, and stabilizes the pH. By maintaining a clean environment, the EcoSystem Filtration Method keeps fish healthy and their colors vibrant. Furthermore, we have discovered through our research, that our filtration system helps prevent and even cures lateral line disease.

The Ecosystem Filtration System requires minimal maintenance, and is a cost-effective way for you to keep a flourishing tank of fish and inverts. We invite you to learn more about the Ecosystem Filtration Method.

A Breakthrough for Hobbyists

No More Guessing

No Protein Skimmer Required

No More Balancing of Chemicals

* Reef and Fish Keeping Made Simple
* Discus and Tropical Fish Keeping Made Simple
* A Simple and Natural Approach to Aquarium Filtration
* Achieve Professional Results With No Prior Experience
* Prevents and Reverses Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)

24L x 10W x 12H
600-800 GPH Recommended Flow
For 40G to 65G Tanks
Includes 10 lbs Miracle Mud
About online or local LFS

It may be cheaper to buy online, but you have shipping costs. A lot of people feel uncomfortable having a glass aquarium shipped, but it's done.

If you buy at an LFS (one that's doing well enough to stay in business), you have someone to support you and your equipment. I have had to return a few items after some use, like my pump. Also, they will usually deliver it and set it up for free. And usually throw in some free stuff.

It is nice to actually see before you buy. I bought an Oceanic Sytems bowfront, which I probably wouldn't have considered before actually seeing it.

Just some thoughts -

the blurb about the tank is maybe fine for a reef tank but not for an octo... an octo tank with no skimmer is asking for a dissaster!!!

An octopus excretes a LOT more waste than a fish of similar mass... approx 3 times more and remember that bimacs can get to a couple of pounds in weight :mrgreen:

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