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Thinking about a Sepia bandensis in a in-wall tank

Aug 29, 2006
Okay Assuming a I can find them with in 500 Miles of Milwaukie Oregon I will jury-rigg up a shallow tank in my jeep with a pump and skimmer to go fetch them but before I do I have a few more questions.
first some back ground.

The home isn't built yet the tank isn't ordered yet I am in the planning stage only so I can change the design at will.

I was hopping to get 1 male and 2 or 3 female Sepia bandensis to go into a tenecor U400L 96X36X30 tank this will be in addition to my other tanks and will be set up with a chiller, minumal lighting and 2 ETSS skimmers with a refugium I would like to set up the tank to support a breeding system so I will always have a few cute little cuttles to swim around and play, for my main tanks I already have live food planned from rottifers to mysid so a few more shouldn't be a huge issue and I can toss in a 40G to keep larger crab for when they get older.

(Warning my weirdness is about to show)
I want this tank mounted In-wall in my master bdrm so I can lay on my bed and watch the little guys swim around and they can watch TV (seems to me the moving images on the TV would be something they would like to watch but no how to cook calamari shows:smile:
Has anyone seen a design I can copy that would support a end to end breeding system in a single tank? or anyone have suggestions for such a system?
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