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The Ultimate Cuttlefish Tank


Mar 1, 2004
Hey everybody! A new member to the cephalopod community here. I was looking for freshwater fish at my local fish store one day when I saw a tiny one inch cuttlefish, and that was when I knew I had to have a saltwater tank for cuttlefish. I had never seen such and adorable little thing before, but I have no idea how to make a tank that is specifically catered towards cuttlefish. I was wondering if you could help by giving recommendations on what I need to start. I am currently a freshwater eel nut, but i I need a cuttlefish or I'll die! Thanks for your help!
Yea, cuttles are cute. It depends on the species, most that you'll see in LFS in the US are Sepia bandensis. These guys grow up to about 3 inches in length so a very large tank won't be required, a 30g should house them quite nicely. For the decor live rock and sand, younger cuttles like to bury themselves so its best to keep the grain size small so it doesn't injure its delicate skin.

Sorry if it looks messy but time isn't really on my side :roll:
Yeah, I find not having a more specific name really annoying. The cuttlefish I saw was labeled "Cuttlefish---> $49.99." And that was it. Are cuttlefish restricted to certain colors? I've only seen this one turn from white to black, and vice versa.
Burstsovenergy24 said:
I want a sepiolid. This.

Me too, when all my baby seahorses are gone I'm telling Paul to order the "squid", they won't tell Paul anything about it and just keep saying why do you want a squid. No wonder most LFS people don't understand cephs. :?

:welcome: to TONMO!!!
If it is a bandensis, then it will probably be dead by the time your tank has finished cycling. :frown:
Also, where are you located? It'll be extremely difficult to find another cuttle in the US.
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