TFH Magazine Ceph Issue

I don't know that anyone with a subscription has a copy yet.

Right now, only a few stores have them in - this is the June issue, and we're still in April, so I guess that's why no one is in a hurry.

Many stores may have them sitting in the back and haven't changed out the May issue for June yet. One Barnes and Noble employee seemed to think the June issue would be on the self next week.

And just fyi for everyone, this is a big magazine with over 150 pages and many other articles, columns and featues. The ceph part begins on page 106, with my articles. Here are the artilces and authors, in order:

So You Want to Keep an Octopus
Nancy King (Nancy)

An Octopus Success
Zyan Silver (zyan silver)

Octopuses I have Known
Carol Sauer (corw314)

Aqarium Science: Husbandry of the Nautilus: Aspects of its Biolgy, Behaviour and Care
Adam Daw (marinebio_guy) and Gregory Jeff Barord

Cuttlefish Husbandry
Colin Dunlop (Colin)

Raising Sepia Bandensis from Hatchling
to Breeding Adult
Jennifer Saitz (cuttlegirl)

The cover is a photograph of an O. bimaculoides by Joe Strickland (joefish84) and there is s full page reproduction of this photo for framing inside the magazine! We think this is a photo of Kashmir.

We also have additional photos from other Tonmo members. We submitted more photos than TFH had room for, so thanks also to those Tonmo members who took the time to help with this project.

:cheers: to all the authors, photographers, and other contributors!

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