TFH Magazine Ceph Issue

I went to a SuperPets (who interestingly still had 1 week old dead starfishes in their now algea-overgrown marine tanks as well as seahorses) and they had nothing. Borders had nothing.
PetSmart (who apparently don't carry marine fish or supplies anymore?) had the May issue.

...The search continues...
Yeah Borders is a book store, similar to B&N.
I think we have a petCo somewhere, but honestly I've usually stuck to my local specialty shop and stayed away from the big boys...
IIUC, the issue doesn't officially come out till the 22nd - which means tomorrow. Mags often pre release to certain stores. I have a subscription to TFH and I haven't gotten it yet. :grin:
I went to the closest PetSmart on Saturday and the magazine rack where the TFH price tag was empty much to my dismay.

So, I was wondering, anyone who has a copy see a picture of Einy?
Yes, there is a picture of Einey!! TFH wrote their own captions, so it doesn't mention his name, just calls little Einey Octopus mercatoris.

I had to call all around and finally found only one Petsmart with the June issue. I think the others will have it soon.

I got mine today! I was very happy to get it. I especially enjoyed learning about the Nautilus, whenever I looked before I could never find anything. I'm suprised at how small a tank they need, I thought they needed a massive one. Other articles great too, but I did wish the whole issue was ceph articles.

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