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Jul 31, 2003
I have recently been given a 15 gallon glass tank. I was planning to use it for my fish but then I noticed it said on the bottom: This is a Terrarium, WIll NOT hold water. I had already filled it to the top and it didnt crack or anything when I noticed it. Since it hasn't leaked do you think its safe to use?


If it's not built to hold water, it could eventually leak. It's not built to the standards of an aquarium. I wouldn't risk it, having once had an aquarium that sprung a leak. Use it an a terrarium - that's interesting, too.

OH yes Nancy is right, I did the same thing :shock: It took about 2 weeks and mine started leaking, what a mess :shock: :shock: never again, never again, I learned my lesson :wink:
They are right...terrariums are built with single strength glass and a light bond of silicone, rather than double st. or plate glass and a caulked joint of silicone...so, yep, it will leak...or even worse, a pane of glass might just pop out one day, spilling the contents every-which-way.
I would get some baby bearded dragons or something for it!
Glass Tanks

Does anyone know how durable silicone-glued tanks are? (I have one of 12 cubic foot about 16 years old, not filled for several years, on the 1st floor!).
What dangers?
Hey Mike,

Learned from my LFS that very good silicone could last for a decade or more, for tank in continuous use. But if yours is not filled for so long, seems to me a bit risky, the silicone may have loose its property oredi.


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