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Jan 11, 2008
What should my temperature be on my tank, i havnt got my octopus yet, but would like to change the temperature on my tank before i put one in, right now its at 75 F.
Depends on where the octopus you get comes from, and so it's important to research what species you plan to keep. Bimacs should be kept in cooler temperatures, 72 or preferably a few degrees lower. Caribbean species are fine at your typical mid 70's.
well my LFS says itll be a common brown pacific, when i get the octopus ill take a picture of it and post it in the ID section of the forums.
Yup, that description doesn't mean anything as far as species goes, but at least you know it's from the Pacific. Make sure it's not a Bimac (California coast-Pacific) I think 76-78 would be a little hard on it. California waters stay fairly chilly year round.
Hey Everyone, my LFS called and my octopus is coming in this friday at 10 am at his store, and he said it is a common brown atlantic octopus, so what should i set my temperature too if its atlantic, it is at 75.5 F right now.
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