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Tank Temperatures

Jul 24, 2003
Does anybody know of particular octo's that live in warner water than bimacs that are suitable for pets??

There used to be a link to a site with a bottomless list of species but I cant find it for the life of me!!!

many thanks
Hi Scouse

briareus is a tropical species often found in the UK, TMC get them in quite regularly

Cheers fellas

That wasnt the list White Kikibo but was a goodun thanks!

Colin although you say tropical I cant find for the life of me what temp they survive at??

Also I found that they are nocturnal, did you see much of it of a daytime when you had yours?

Ive got my temp on my tank down to 77/78F but thats with a fan on the top before ive octo proofed the top then my cooling is either air cond. and/or fans in sump but i think i will struggle in summer with a bimac.

What do tropical temps go up to an do you know of any di-urnal species??

soz with all the questions!!

Hi again

well tropical really means somewhere between 72 - 84 or thereabouts, i did see the briareus for a bit once she settled in, they learn to beg like a bimac too :wink:

aculeatus are tropical and smaler than bimacs and available in the uk from time to time but short lived compared

i'm getting on the case for species in the UK later this year...

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