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Tank Task Ahead


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I returned from 3 days in Vermont, to discover my tank is dripping. Unfortunately, this is about a 25-30 yr. old tank that was originally my brothers and I've had for over 10 years as my on-going octopus tank. The good news is a replacement is local and a little over $100.00. Bad news is there goes Eureka skimming past the front of the tank looking very comfortable in his settings, but little does he know what's in store for him tomorrow night! I am hoping I don't have to go through another 3 weeks of the baby hiding stage when I move him. Plan is to have the new tank at hand. Need to go get a couple more new garbage cans, one for the water and the other for all the rocks and such. I am not planning on disturbing the filter contents at all, as I don't want to upset the biological filter. I have a medium sized pet home so hopefully I can as painlessly as possable put Eureka in there until the move is complete and the tank is settled. Now that I'm looking, all the corners at the base seem to be damp. It is a 44 gal Pentagon. I'm wondering if the silicone is giving up on all the seams. Wish me luck!!! Will keep you all posted.
Good luck! I don't think it will be too traumatic on the little guy. It might be better just to let him hide in the rockwork, then put the rockwork in the bins like he wasn't there. He'll have a few seconds out of water, but if he feels secure in the rock it might be less stressful than being shooed into the pet home.

Something to consider at least.

I had a big plexiglass lobster tank (the kind you see in supermarkets) spring a leak. I put lashing straps (for your truck), the kind that rachet tighter... around the perimeter of my tank. Maybe you could do this at the top, middle and bottom of your tank until you transfer everything. At least it would hold the seams together. Good luck. Also, instead of garbage cans, I use 30 gallon rubbermaid/tupperware bins. Then I can dip a 5 gallon bucket in to bail the water out.
maygbe if you gave your lil ocee some food during the prosses he would be more comfertablr.. just a thought....

Hi carol, see if you can get him out of the tank while he is hiding inside a pipe or rock or something and slide that into a container full of water. I have only found them to get really stressed if they 'touch' air... same with cuttles, they don't tend to ink unless they come into contact with air.

Are you using all the original water? That will help a lot, even if the new tank isn't totally full, do that over a few days

good luck
Thanks for all the tips! He is living under a very heavy piece of rock with no caves. My tank ride has not materialized yet tonight. It's only dripping very slowly and now that I think about it may have been for a while as I always noticed it when I was doing maintenance and thought it was from my spilling, so hopefully it will last till at least the weekend. I am using all the old water etc., nothing new. And it is the same exact size so should fill up nicely. My plan is to introduce maybe a small pet home and start feeding him his hermits inside so I can close the lid when he is going in to eat. That way I can just lift him out without the stress of trying to capture.
this is prolly a terrible i dea but it might work... why not try siphoning him out? get a really wide clear tube and dip it in the tank he is in now. then suck on the other end for a seound then put it in the new tank then put liek a crab or soemthing in the tube to attract him and he will get sucked up and land in the new tank. he wount touch any air and since it works off of gravity he cnat get cought up in anymoving parts...


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