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Tank query


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002

I have recently come into possession of a live adult Mesonychoteuthis. I was wondering if you could recommend a size of a tank I would need and could give me some pointers as to how much tonnage of fish I will require on a weekly basis.

Much appreciated, he's getting a bit frisky!

Phil :lol:

Personally I'd throw the thing in the bin! If one more person gives me one of those squid I'm gonna burst!

However, I have read a few captive husbandry reports and here's what I make of it...

They seem to prefer a spacious aquarium approximately 18" by 12" by 12" (approx 5 gals) and feed on a diet of sperm whale stomachs. (you can get them at your local ASDA or fish mongers).

They apparantly have a tendency to breed after a lengthy vocalised mating ritual on the 30th of February each year and their eggs are made of wood so they float to the top of the water.

Theres not much else to it other than make sure its kept in boiling water and stir ocassionally :smile:

Actually, i had better results rubbing the lemon DIRECTLY onto its eye :smile:

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