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Tank Plan - Reef then Octo.. ??


Aug 27, 2004
I have a 40 Gallon tank I'm planning on setting up with a 20g sump/fuge. I'll be running a mixed sump/fuge with a protien skimmer.

I'm going to run it as a Invertbrate reef tank with a DSB for several months, then get a larger tank, swap things over and get the Octo.

I plan on drilling the 40g for a 1" standpipe, and two 1/2" returns using a SCWD. I will be using a overflow as well. I was going to seal the top of the tank with a weighted piece of acrylic.
My only concern is how to I keep the Octo out of the overflow, and the stand pipe? Do I just put a filter on the stand pipe and assume he will get into, and can get out of the overflow?

I figure I can use the fuge to keep his food in.

Hi Murdock,

Have a look at a post on sumps on Thurday on this forum, just a few posts earlier from yours. It discusses why it's not a good idea to keep food in the sump.

Also, I think your overflow needs to be covered - you shouldn't plan on your octo getting into your overflow!


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