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tank cycled now im waiting on my octo to arrive

Nov 8, 2004
My tank has been up for 3 1/2 months. it is a 150 gallon with lots of live rock. i ordered octos from octopets.com on thursday. how long does it take for them to send??? also i was wondering if he would be good in a 1 gallon clear plastic jug for the first month or so. i have drilled several 1/4 inch holes in it for perfect flow. i will eventually let him out and roam in the tank after i get some damsels out and shrimp. but i hope with some advice u guys can help me out. the ph is perfect and the ammonia is down to 0. also the other water paramaters are perfect. i just need my octo's. well thanx for everyones help.
Octopets is currently between generations, so we can expect to wait another 3-4 weeks for shipment.

A number of people seem to be putting their new arrivals in plastic critter cages inside their tanks. The holes are a good idea, but at 1/4" a baby with a 1" mantle might be able to sneak out??

Hi! 1/4" holes maybe an escape route!!! For flow, I put one of those tiny stick on the side filters run by an air pump inside the critterpen. Worked just fine and Lil Pumpkin lived in there for about 2 months. His size curled up was the size of a dime on arrival! He stayed in there until he was the size of a quarter curled.

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