Taking the octo dip, Again

Got up this morning expecting the worst after past exp. Little one is still alive and seems fine. A bit on the shy side I guess, has moved down to the bottom corner of the keeper and is just curled up like a kitten. going to place a few more clams in the keeper today to see if she will eat something.
Little one has moved over to the LR and has made herself a little hiding place. Every once in a while I can see her poking her little eyes up to see what im doing LOL then jumping back into her hole LOL Just about have the name narrowed down to two names. Man what a hard decision
Well, after a fascinating day of watch my new little octo(no name yet) I have seen an eye spot, as small as a pin head. She has gone to the bottom of the LR and has dug out a hole right in front of were the clams are and is just sitting there watching them :smile: I have to say that this little one is the smallest i have had as a new coto baby, other than the hatchlings that Jetta had.
But is still very thrilling to have another octo in the house :biggrin2:
Aren't they the cutist things in the whole wide world, (besides my kids as babies.....)Anyway totally amazing how fast they adjust and the colorations even for one so young! Any hint on the name yet?

Enjoy!!!!! :smile:
Yeah we have it narrowed down to two names:


Just waiting till one really pops out at me LOL ( any help?)

Got up this morning an the little one has drug off clams leaving a trail inthe sand of her mischeft.. She is sitting perched on top of the LR like she is king of the tank right now, :lol: :roflmao: how cute. Off to work I will check in when i get home
Yes the update.........The litle one is still doing nicely. She has made her home under the LR at night and during the day keeps watch inside a little hole on the top of the LR :lol: She is eating very well as the open clams are evident, also she is showing amazing color changes when you get to close or use a flash light( she hates the flashlight :hmm: ) SO far she is doing so well and Im like a kid again..

OK here are the three names now we are choosing from:


what do you guys think?
Must be so cute! Dotti is a nice octo name, too.

Have you tried a flashlight with a red lens - she shouldn't react to the red light.

Well we have decided on the name, Dottie. She is doing very well. Dottie is eating baby clams left and right. I also have this light that is used for what I dont know, but it is wore on your head with a strap and it has white and red light so it works pretty good. How do I update the Octo Data base?? It doesnt seem to work. Anyway Dotti is doing great...

Welcome to Dotti! :welcome:

Glad to hear that she's off to a good start.

Unfortunately, the Octo Database didn't make the transfer to the new software. Right now I'll add her to the Bimac Siblings list at the top of the Jounals and Photos Forum.

Question for you: what exactly are you keeping her in? Is it like a round ball that floats, or is it a rectangular container on the sand?
Confining the baby bimacs to a smaller space seems to be very successful. They can get more used to seeing you, too.

Keep us posted!

Dottie is in a small rectangle shaped critter keeper that i got from Wally world. I had to place panty hose over the lid because she was so amall she would have gotten out of the little slats at the top.She seems to be doig really good this morning and the red light is helping alot. LOL she cant see the red light and I cant see with it, in the morning LOL :razz: