Taking the octo dip, Again


Feb 27, 2003
Well after a much needed rest from octos, and the bad experience with cuttles I have decided to get another Bimac. I enjoyed the Bimacs the most so thats what it will be. Will keep you informed of the little ones new arrival.

Have everything set for the new arrival this coming Sat. Getting ONE octo :wink: and 200 baby clams. Yes Im going with the Bimac this time, dont think I could handle 200 babies again :razz: Tank is doing really well now and all params are doing great. Installed a HUGE protien skimmer I got locally, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!! DOH

Will keep you updated when the little one gets here on Sat.

Wonderful news! I'm sure your new bimac will enjoy the big tank you have now.

What brand of protein skimmer did you buy? I like mine, but it makes a lot of noise.

Its an Oceanic Plus series 6 Its used from a guy in the DFW forum we talked about, I put it in the sump underneath the tank and it works so much better than the sea clone I had on there
It gets here Today, Sat. Its 3am in the morning and i cant sleep. Tank Params are good, all power heads are secure, have a critter cage that it will be in for a few months, I think it will get lost in this big tank if I dont. I cant wait............
Hi Debbie!

Hope you update lots today!!! I should be snowed in by afternoon so will be lurking for updates!! Critter cage is a great idea! Lil P did very well in it for a few weeks!!! Good luck with the delivery and acclimation!!

Any news on the arrival yet????It's 11:30EST so shouldn't he be at your door shortly???

Hi Debbie,

So today is the day for Octopus Anxiety, which is my term for what you go through waiting for your octo to arrive!

I think it's a good decision to keep the little guy in a smaller container for a little while.

Hope all goes well,

Well the BABY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin2: Tiny little thing, but in very good shape. I took my time acclimating her ( just want a girl lol) she arrived her at 10am CST. and was finnaly placed inthe critter keeper in the main tank at noon. She has gone to the top corner of the keeper and is flashing colors and doing the racing stripe thing everytime i go to the tank. I put a small amout of sand in the keeper and a pc of LR that she can explore and hide in, but has shown no interest as of yet. I can see her flashing her colors from across the room. She is the size of a kidney bean all curled up on the keeper, but has no problem running me off is she doesnt want me there so she is a llittle fighter :lol:

I couldnt be more thrilled!!!!! more updates as they happen......
So tiny! But Octopets little bimacs do seem to arrive in good shape!
I'll add her to the 2005 siblings when you figure out a name for her!


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