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Jul 31, 2003
I went to a new fish store and what did I find? An Octo! Looked like Octopus Briareus to me. I talked with the guys there and all my thoughts came together. On the way home I stoped at Pet SuperMarket which had a 55 for $50. 8) So I got it. Im on a budget of about $250.

Havent gotten the stand yet but I think I will get a iron one. (Cheaper) Any reason not to? Im planning on building a simple Wet-Dry Filter and buy a Protein Skimmer with what I have left. The Wet Dry should work, right? What Protein skimmer should/can I get?

Anything to save money...
The only disadvantage to an iron stand that I've encountered is rust - you will get water on it (can't be helped). You could just live with it, or paint it before you put eveything together. You could use a paint like Rustoleum or Krylon.

Venturi skimmers are pretty good, As for the rust thing, see if you have any cabinets which are structuraly (sp?) sound. If not, try varnish on the stand but it might peel off and I have no idea what fumes could do.

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