Sunday Comics

My, my...all that rain! We got back from our house in Mexico last week...jeez...85 degrees with a nice breeze off the ocean...
sorry, just had to rub it in! :smile:
you guys arent kidding about the rain....instead of the roughly 3inches of rain in an average may, we got dumped on with 10+.... on the bright side, the 4-5 yr drought is gone.....

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
this isnt cephy, but i have to throw it in because it confirms EXACTLY what ive been telling people for years.... its nice to have my rants confirmed....(or at least have company in being crazy)

daily laughter is so much more important than accurate facts... (i guess they have neither)

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
I've attached this weekend's edition of Skylock Fox, with a true or false quiz about octopuses for the youngsters... answers are below, upside down...enjoy!
I really like that illustration, although it does not seem to have much to do directly with the quiz. I like the idea of the octo mimicking the divers shark cage! Very cute.
Any "Pogo"-philes, out there?

I recall that one of Walt Kelly's "Pogo" stories involved an octopus (referred to as an "octopobble") that took a liking to Howland the Owl, refused to budge from his head and wiled away dull moments by smoking cigars. None of the "Pogo" compendiums I have access to include this story-arc, which I believe ran as a weekday series in the early 1950's.


Pogo was a comic strip drawn by Walt Kelly. Yes, Clem, the octopobble exists, and if we get to visit the right people over the holidays, I might be able to locate the octopobble stories.

Aside from octopobbles, Pogo had a great deal of political subtext, and could be in the propaganda thread if the reader was up on the news contemporary to the strips. Strom Thurmond might be the only one in the comics whom readers today might remember.


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