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Strangest Things Your Octo has ever Eaten....


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
In all the years I have been keeping octopuses, tonight was a first. My son brought home Mako steaks someone had given him. On a whim, I cut off a chunk and gave it to Biddle. He is happily eating shark....I hope there is no reason that I should not have given him this..anyway I thought this could be a really interesting thread just to see what others have accepted as food that is not necessarily bad for them, just not the norm....
gjbarord;102640 said:
I know that the Seattle Aquarium gives their GPOs chicken legs, as an enrichment item I believe.


I've heard that in the Mediterranean it's possible to catch octos by swimming along dragging a chicken leg on a string, and the octos will come out an attack the chicken. I don't know if this was raw or cooked.
I belive that chicken legs or parts is what is used along the Texas coast to catch crabs (large ones for eating).

I'll tell you my big disappointment - I bought a live lobster from the best fish market in town, had the fish store kill it and take out all the meat, which I rushed home so my bimac could have a piece of freshly killed lobster. Surprise, she didn't like it! At least Bill and I had a very good lobster newburg dinner.

ive fed mine venison, tuna, a spiny lobster, wahoo, live blue crabs... basically everything you would pay 25+ bucks a plate for he ate(kashmir)
Nancy;102644 said:
I belive that chicken legs or parts is what is used along the Texas coast to catch crabs (large ones for eating).


Many times been down to Galveston to catch blue crabs with nothing but kite string and chicken necks. Big fun.
I had a seahorse tank for about 8 months and it was doing great. All of them were captive bred H. Kuda from www.seahorsesource.com
Then, I went against the rules thinking [eh, it will be fine.. I'll just get a few more captive bred SH's of a different species] even though I knew you werent supposed to mix species.
Anyway I added a few more. They got a disease and almost all died except for 2 H. Erectus... One died a month later and then there was one left.
For some reason [which I forget] I needed to use the seahorse tank for something else so I moved the last remaining seahorse into my 50g.
Then I bought my octopus who was kept in a critter keeper inside of the 50g. [bad decision]
My seahorse decided to hitch onto the top of the critter keeper and got his tail stuck. When I found him i tried to get him loose but it wasnt going to work unless I ripped his tail. :frown:
Because of the comotion ontop of his critter keeper my octo thought it was feeding time.. he came up and bit the seahorses tail.
It was horrible and eventually the seahorse was 1/2 dead. Once he died i pulled him out [it was aweful.... I felt horrible afterwards] and then figured... why waist a perfect meal. So into the critter keeper the dead seahorse went and the octo gladly ate him.
It was really sad to watch the seahorse trying to get his tail out of the critter keeper.
Soooo thats the story on how my octo got a $45 exotic meal.
We often feed surplus stomatopods to our ocotpus. This is normal food for many species in the field, so I guess that isn't that weird. The strangest meals I've seen in the field are a large O. cyanea catching and killing a green turtle and an unidentified Caribbean octopus catching and killing a baby American Croc.


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