Squishy's doing fine.


Jun 30, 2003
It's been several months now, and Squishy's doing fine. Here's my favorite picture so far. I'm in the process of naming and posting all my pics of the tanks online, so I'm sure there will be a few more.


I saw your picture and would have sworn it was a picture of my octopus, Pixel. Sure enough, I went back through your old posts and saw that you ordered Squishy from fishsupply.com in early September, the same time I ordered Pixel.

A picture:
Yes, those are wonderful photos of your young bimacs. They're so beautiful and appealing, aren't they?

Here's a pic of Ollie at about the same age - she looks like both of them, too.

corw314 said:
Squishy looks excellent and great shot!!! Was he eating?


Yep, he was sitting on a snail. He is a little (or not so little as before!) eating machine. It's incredible how fast he is growing. We are having to work to keep enough food in the tank for him to try and prevent him from eating our cleanup crew. He's pretty spoiled. Feeder crabs, periwinkle snails, whatever mussels and clams he will accept instead of just play with. He started out eating fresh shrimp, but very quickly gained an affinity for the finer things. He'd much rather eat our astrea snails & turbo snails than take shrimp on a feeding stick. I think our damsel has not long to live.

(Brian's wife)
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