[Octopus]: Meet Olive the aculeatus! 💕


Aug 28, 2017
Got her on Wednesday, she had been at the lfs for about a week. Originally thought she was full grown but she’s nowhere near the size my aculeatus was in 2018! So glad i changed my mind about getting her and they hadn’t sold her yet 🥰 I have to say these are my favorite species! She’s almost always where I can see her and she’s been on the glass more often recently. She’s as curious about me as I am about her! I hope I have at least 2-3 months with her. I decided to call her Olive because her mantle is about the size of a green one. Her arms are so long! At least 6 inches long each from her mantle. I think she’s missing one on the bottom. I had hoped to see her come out of the critter container but she learned a lot faster than my other one and got out while I was in the shower :sweatsmile: videos in next post


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Well he is a boy as you confirmed XD and still getting the 55 ready. Tested the water yesterday and I gotta do a water change for like half the tank
So I was waiting for the water parameters to get better in the 55 before I moved Olive. So glad I thought to compare the results with the 10 he was in! Practically the same so I moved him a few hours ago. My boy is finally in his new home! 💕

This was a minute after I put him in. Surprisingly, he kinda went right into the measuring cup I use for my tanks! He was at the bottom of the 10 after moving most of his rocks over and I put the cup over him on the glass and he felt around it and once two legs were still on the glass I moved the cup up and he just went with it! I tilted the cup onto a rock in the new tank and when one leg felt it, he was quick to get out of the cup! 😂

after I moved the rest of his rocks, I spent a few mins searching for him and finally found him curled up under one. I’ll just have to keep doing water changes to get nitrates down. Everything else is fine.

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