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Species ID

Apr 16, 2009
I have two cuttlefish. One of them I had for a month and a bit and the other one I bought a few days ago to keep the first one company. I thought they were both S. bandensis but although their size is the same, there are a few differences:

The new one has a bigger fin than the old one

The old one has "thicker" tentacles than the new one

The old one is rounder than the new one

The new one changes different colors

The new one has a totally different pre-strike posture

They don't seem to notice each other (the old one turned angry red when it saw the new one)

The new one sometimes displays the coloration of dark head white body which I never saw in the old one

The new one inks ALOT

Could they be different species?
I will try to get some pics up...my camera is out of battery at the moment.

The eyes look quite similar. The old one has more..."innocent" eyes...don't know how else to describe it. The old one also likes to open it's w-shaped eyelid once in a while.