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Small saltwater tank

Aug 7, 2006
Ive decided to get a small saltwater tank for my dormroom just to basicly have a small starfish, and a fish or two in there. Ive only had tanks over 60 gallons up till now, so I am looking for something small and uses what it has well. Does anyone have a nice suggestion?

I dont want to fail at a smaller salt tank since I know thay are a real pain to keep up, but I miss seeing some colorfull fish. :rainbow:
If you got 30 gallons or so, you could get a S.Bandensis cuttlefish. Couldn't get colorfish though, he would eat 'em. I have a juvinile true percula clown and a small spotted mandarin in with mine, but it isn't recommended. The clown doesn't pick on the cuttle at all, but I think I am just lucky, I heard they can sometimes. The mandarin will be lunch soon. You can get nice inverts with a cuttle though. I got a metal halide light and put in zoas and mushrooms along with a tridacna clam.
I came by a small reef tank once at a reptile show that was only 7gallons and looked quite nice. It had some good corals and anenomes to with a minnow and some shrimp. I later found that they made the little reef tank with one of those new betta tanks that include a light and a small filter. It would be nice for a dorm maybe because its low maintenance.
you could get a 24 gallon nano cube and "maby" keep a sepia bandensis.

my bandensis co-existed with a yellow watchmen goby until i added two cardinals, he then ate all three
I think he just wants a starfish and a few fish, no cephs. For ideas...you could get a 10, 15 or 20 gallon. Otherwise you can get a 24 nanocube like cuttle mentioned but get the kind my uncles friend uses. He owns a nanocube that comes with a sump so that would be neat to have. Nanocubes are compact tanks. If your looking for cephs, only dwarf octopuses would be alright in a 24 gallon tank or 30 gallon. Good luck.
Thanks for the feedback guys, I think I will go with the nanocube tank. I looked at them online and they are pretty much exactly what I need for my desk corner :biggrin2: . Going to probably go with just some small fish and stay away from another Chephy just because they are impossibly hard to find up here. Going to badicly raise some small shrimp to feed to him once I can find one :sagrin: . I hope I dont become to attached.
Im leaving for college soon and, was gonna post a thread just like this one, I need some sort of saltwater tank, i cant imagine life without one, haha Im just waiting to find about my roomate, I would hate to get someone afraid of fish or somthing bizarre, but with my luck now thats exactly what I will get. oh dear. I jinxed myself!

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