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Small Octo Big Tank

it's a baby bimac, just got it this morning from fishsupply, and is currently hiding in the rock somewhere. It's got a 3/4 inch head length now. How fast do they usually grow if you feed them real good. I mean like 3/4 inch to about 1.5-2 inches? he looked like a spec when i first put him in there. Also how long should i wait before i start turning on the lights in the tank. Hour? a day? 2 days?
Congratulations on your octopus. It would be interesting for you to follow the growth of other octopuses reported in Journals and Photos. For instance, BOE has reported a lot on The Agent, and he's clearly bigger.

Maybe wait a day before turning on the lights - then don't leave them on all day - maybe 10 hours. I use a timer.

it is normal for a cephalopodto increase in mass by 25% each week, a bimac can certainly do that... and more probably :)
But the interesting thing is, the bimac is so small that you'll barely notice this big increase each week - it will appear to grow slowly. Be patient - time goes quickly enough!

25% thats quite a bit in a week, currently i havent seen him since i put him in the tank but that normal from what ive read. i bought alot of clams also and i was wondering how i should feed him? if i leave them on a flat surface so they cant burrow will he find them over night or will i need to diretly give them to him? anything you can tell me is appreciated, as im am wanting him to last as long as possible. (of course) Also was wondering if 75 degrees is an ok temp for him? seems i can only get the tank that low with air conditioning.
Do you have a sump? You can lower the temperature several degrees by having a small (8 or 10 inch) fan blow on the water in the sump. It would be better to have 72 degrees than 75.

1:00 pm as i woke up this morning, ( yes it was a rough night :beer: ) i can't believe i even saw him. He was attached to the side of a rock perfectly camoflauged. His two eyes sticking out were the only things that gave him away. Should i try feeding him today some clams, or should i wait another day so he can become further comfortable? I was also wondering ow i should go about feeding clams to him? Thanx

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