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Small aquarium with BIO-wheel


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

Do any of you have experience with a smaller aquarium such as the Eclipse System 12 by Marineland (12 gallons)? It uses BIO-wheel filtration and I'd like to find out how well this works.

I'm going to set up a second salt-water tank so that I have a place for my cleaner shrimp, a couple of fish, etc.



I have an Eclipse system 6 which was given to me as a present. I found that it is not designed very well particularly for marine fishkeeping. For instance the opening on top makes it difficult to add water and fish without taking the whole top off. :x
However, I have used it as a marine tank and the filtration seems to be adequate as long as you don't overload the system. It is nearly impossible to set up a protein skimmer with the Eclipse tanks.
I have kept several crabs, shrimp and a damsel or 2 in it without any major problems. As a matter of fact, I just set it up to use as a holding tank for shrimp and crabs for my long awaited octo. If you are using it for that purpose I woulds say that it will do the trick, but if you want much more from it I'd get a standard 10 gallon tank instead. Hope that this helps.
Thanks for the info. I will need a tank for octo food, just like you, and the Eclipse sounds just fine for that. I'll look around and see what else is available for a small tank - haven't been to all the local LFSs yet. I intend to have a bit of live rock, a cleaner shrimp or two, and a few other things in this smaller aquarium. Just enough to make it interesting!

Oh Yeah!
Another problem with th eclipse is that you need to remone the top (includes light system) to check water paameters which can be a real pain. I have attached a picture of my eclipse 6 set up as the Octo-Buffet. As I said, If you are going to spend the $$ it will probably be cheaper to set up a small 10 gallon tank for the same purpose. I only used the eclipse because I had it sitting around.

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