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Skimmer Things! ID please

Jan 4, 2006
I hope everyone who sees these photos says "Thats just a XXXX, you noob!"

I don't know what these are. They are all over the inside of my skilter on my 30 gallon. There are NONE in the tank. The tank houses Zoas, leathers, a Tridacna, and Bill the Sepia Bandensis. The tops look like they are spines, but hopefully they are just filter feeders.



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I thought they were Tunicates too, but mine seem to have spines or filters, where all the other photos that I can find are simple barrel shaped siphon feeders.
Also all the others look like gorgeous Chihuly glass, mine are dull ivory and not as translucent.


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I've seen these from time to time in my tank, but they didn't thrive the way they're doing in yours! (I don't know what they are.)

Are they able to retract their "spines"? The "spines" might be a lophophore or other feeding structures. Hmm.. these guys don't look very ascidian-ish.
joefish84;80291 said:
they are not exactly spines but more so just filters for the tunacate if you look close the intake valve is at the base of the tunacate

Hmm... intake valve at the base? I believe tunicate incurrent siphons are found on the anterior surface of the animal. Can we get a more close up pic of this critter? I am dying to know what it is =)
sponges !! they are a good thing to have, filter feeders could be tiny feather dusters to but look more like sponges to me
thats good means you are doin things right!!
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