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setting up octo tank, want suggestions


Feb 21, 2007
well ive made up my mind that im setting up a tank for Octopus bimaculatus, i was hoping to hear personal experiences, what to feed it and if my equipment list is ok.

lights: single strip PC fixture
filter: HOB magnum canister filter
skimmer: coralife super skimmer needle wheel skimmer rated for 220gal
fuge: in tank w/ rio powerhead


I guess the best way to start to answer your questions is for you to read the ceph care articles. They are chock full of good advice. What size tank were you planning on? 50G is the minimum really! As for food, crabs, shrimps (marine!), amphipods for wee octis, some will take clams. Some octis learn to take (thawed) frozen food others demand live food all the time!!!


question, i have just converted over from a 90 gal FOWLR, will that effect anything and r octos really ok w/ trates and not trites? i thot it was the other way around

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