Seeking Ceph Realted Items For Educational Purposes

Pretty much, but it can discolour the tissues, did the right method.

Neat room ! I think your mural is fantastic.
Now, we just need to stock his shelves with tomes by HP Lovecraft, Robert Block, and Derleth...
Very nice decoration, the wall looks great.

Bullyland, a German toy company, manufactures very nice heavy rubber models of ammonites, belemnites and trilobites. They crop up on e-bay quite a lot, but here's a link to the company for you:

These are heavy duty things but educational at the same time. There are plenty of pictures of them lurking about in my older posts in the fossil forum if you want to know what they look like, and I used the belemnite in the 'Belemnites 101' video. I think they'd fit in in very well in Dylan's room.
cthulhu- thats the next thing! Some shelves for all the books he is collecting, hopefully, he will learn to read soon, i am sure he will be even more of a book-monger when he can, he is immensed in them already, and has great pronouciation skills and word recognition abilities :smile: however his only other interest besides marine life is Nosferatu- Does that make any sense? he is absoloutley fascinated by that character, saw him on a you guessed it- spongebob episode , favorite cartoon go figure, favorite character---squidward:smile:

Phil- Any thoughts on if the site you suggested has an link in american? Can't translate but definently like the figures, thanks for the help:smile:
Scroll all the way down this page (if you can resist the cool archosaurs) and check out the neat inverts!

Nice stuff, and reasonably priced, too.

Blue Oyster Cult did a song called "Nosferatu", fairly nice, actually. So, he's into the living dead and cephs. I see a future Tonmo staff member !!!!
cthulhu77- ooooo...... very nice, you found an american website that sells those, I am thinking the whole set would be nice, very detailed little figures aren't they?? Yeah, Dylan is an old man is disguise I think, his favorite sport is golf, how many 4 year olds really like golf?? No interest in other sports, actually lost a french door window over this hobby..... he has a good drive:smile: Not familiar with the song, but I will have to download it on limewire, I will bet he likes it, He's funny, his favorite song is "rock me amadeus" , yeah, little strange, but I will bet he likes the nosferatu song, yup, living dead and cephs, you got it, ooops, and sea monsters too, had him a great book shipped from the U.K. from amazon on sea monsters, he will not listen to m when I keep trying to tell him they aren't real, but it does have a nice section on "real sea monsters" that has the humboldt and giant squid, very good reading:smile:
Perhaps you should join the Cryptozoology Society ! Quite the bunch, with lots of interesting articles!
Glad you liked the ceph models, I thought they were brilliant. Hey, I like Falco too !
Good golf swing? Heck, I'd run with that one...Tiger Woods isn't so bad off ! :smile:
cthulhu77- Yeah ya know? we told him we would only take him to the driving range if he hit his first ball past the first flag, blew it out of the water, so now we take him all the time, between that and putt putt, he's ptty good, almost too good, ($300 french door good), we have a big backyard, but he has a long drive and he hits entirely too hard, we can't even go to Dick's Sporting Goods without him rounding up the staff there and showing off his putting on the practice green. I don't know if he will roll with it though, I think its just a hobby, albeit a good one. Books and aquatics are his focus right now, if I didn't have to work, we would be at tonmocon for sure, I was born and raised in Sarasota, I still have family there. We used to go to Mote on field trips to see the Manatees:smile: (Do they still have the manatees there?) Make sure you eat somewhere on St. Armands Circle, great food all around, lots of outdoor dining too, and if you like Mexican, El Adobe is the place to go, if it is still around, (and if you like margaritas:smile: . Yes thanks again for the site on the figures, they are neat, how do you join the crypto site?? that would be like nessie and all things non-existent right?? btw, what is the "coming soon" site at the bottom of your posts?
whats the final verdict?? upside down or extinct?? it says each model comes with educational information on the creature does the website offer any information into this?
tinak3531;96642 said:
whats the final verdict?? upside down or extinct??

Oh yes, ammonites and belemnites are most definitely extinct, unfortunately. Both disappeared about 65 million years ago at the same time as the dinosaurs. The website has got the models upside down as the shell would have floated above the body due to its bouyancy, the posture being the same as Nautilus. I was just being silly in that maybe they represent Australian fossils (not that this poor joke makes any sense in Australia).

Interestingly, Bay State Replicas sell a reproduction of Proteroctopus, our Jurassic primitive octopus friend.

tinak3531;96642 said:
it says each model comes with educational information on the creature does the website offer any information into this?

I'll have a look later today to see if I still have the attached cards, but I may have got rid of them. The info was just a couple of sentences and a timeline if I recall.
Phil;96632 said:
Not necessarily. Maybe they are models of extinct Antipodean species?


:roflmao:No joke! I have been accused SO MANY TIMES of drawing my pictures upside down! Referees have commented that all of my drawings were upside down! (For an octopus, mantle towards the bottom of the page, arms up the page ... that's the convention - same with squid - it just doesn't seem right to me). Pfffft. Antipodean rules!
Ironically it has always been a convention of scientific literature to depict fossil shelled cephalopods as upside down, i.e. with the body chamber uppermost.

This strikes me as very strange and illogical. Anyone know why this is? Is there even a reason or is a tradition that just became 'stuck'?

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