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Ansible Development & Report

Colony Ansible (1345.2345.9823.1793A) Condition Report - Copy to Incoming World-Ship Actual - Copy to Central Prime - Continued sharing with Colony Ansible (1345.2345.9823.1793B)

(late 1920's - contact scheduled for 2200)
Uranium Mining
- Physical and Mental alterations and enhancement proceed with the Octopod subject. She is a fast learner and has shown social advancement of both Self-awareness, and the concept of the Other as a beneficial and valued person. Language lessons proceed rapidly, the ability of tool use was already present, and this is being enhanced. The basics of patterning and the rudimentary development of arrangement of objects for pleasure and effect was present and is being enhanced. This in particular is an excellent indication of the possibility of rapid development of higher levels of learning, language, and social development.
-The Hunter-seekers have returned from many reconnaissance missions to report more fully on the conditions that exist on this world. Internal combustion and steam power is commonplace. Refinement of radioactive elements is advanced, but not yet used for power or weapons: see attached upload.

-Radio and wider spectrum communications is at a relatively high level of development in the dominant land-race. Signals are being captured and relayed, many native languages are being translated and relayed, basic understanding of the transmitted languages are possible now. Nuance however is lacking. Cultural and social cooperation development of the dominant race appears to be behind the level that should be commonplace at this level of displayed technology, and this is a note for further caution. Hostility factor seems to be high, with several of the ocean going vessels monitored being primarily hostile and offensive in nature.

-Social and political development of dominant race is of distributed and technologically advanced nation-states, competing for resources and influence. This is an unstable situation and not expected to remain in the expected status-quo arrangement for much longer.

-Physically the dominant race are warm-blooded mammalian bipeds, bilaterally symmetrical, of two sexes. Diurnal waking and sleeping pattern, primarily awake during daylight hours. Internal gestation of offspring, in single or small multiples with lactation feeding of young. Long term development from youth to adult with an extended neo-natal developmental phase. Mass of an adult individual is roughly comparable to a mature Ceph, though far more compact. The race is omnivorous which is a mark in their favour for flexibility. They are generic tool using individuals with no physical or social development trend towards a dependent pack, hive, or specialisation of physical form. The opportunity to take specimens for internal investigation of structure and anatomy is possible but not recommended at this time. Physically, the bipeds are of many different colours, although these colours are of one shade per individual rather than forming patterns on each being.

-During investigation of individuals attempts were made to investigate the possibility of limited contact. These contacts were simply of the nature to contact sleeping individuals with projection of images of the Ceph form to the individual's mind to gauge unconscious reactions. These were largely unremarkable with no overt reactions, a few went very well with positive affinity impressions developed. A smaller number were extremely negative, one male in particular in a coastal settlement seemed to have been driven insane by the images he was shown. Caution is recommended in future social first contact situations.

-All land-masses are settled, some heavily. Temperature range or habitat does not seem to be a factor in which area is settled. They seem remarkably tough, and unconcerned with a high range of temperature and environmental hostility. The bipeds are at the stage of technological development however, where they are actively changing local and widespread environments to suit themselves rather than adapting further to suit the environment.

-Report ends.

Ok Everyone! Updates :smile:

What we have here is over 40 pages long now.

The first part in Blue is Background and History

The centre section is Narrative divided into Chapters

The last section in Green is the Pre-History that will be introduced and developed into a series of flashbacks with the sections of Timeline coming together at the Money Shot battle.

More character development now too. I'm interested especially in the behaviour of the unmodified Cephalopods, octopus and squid both. As they get more contact with the Ansible, they will diverge from truly natural behaviour as they will be having the advantages of physical and mental modifications.

Apologies as the contained text is a bit disjointed at the moment. I'll start pulling the flow together now that I have a clear understanding on how I want to pace the beginnings of the book. I'm not completely decided as to how much information to put into the first Updates sent by the Ansibles as we move closer to the actual Colonisation event near the end of the Cretaceous.

Once that happens there will be a *lot* of development as there will be common elements between that time and the Money Shot scene.


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All good people! More Cephalopod Goodness.

Updates here are the Prologue is more developed, and the links are tighter between the 1st and 2nd parts.

There is much more development in the 2nd part, with plot and character development leading towards the Money Shot section which is Part 3

Part 4 is under development and that is post Money Shot and that's only draft and notes right now. I wanted to get continuity before embroiling Humans to a greater degree.

Do let me know if what I have here is capable of achieving a "suspension of disbelief" level so you can race through and enjoy it?

Enjoy :smile:


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