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  1. J

    Writing a Book - Looking for an Audience :-)

    Hey there everyone :-) After having a Sci-Fi book knocking around in my head for most of 20 years, I've gotten up the motivation and inspiration to start writing it down. What I have so far is a Background for the Universe I'm building, and a set of chapters that are writing themselves. I...
  2. Short Story:  Walter's Walk

    Short Story: Walter's Walk

    I wrote this in 2004 when the community was actively engaging in cephalopod creative writing. I could never decipher the lyrics to Led Zeppelin's Walter's Walk, and so I used that title as a starting place to create a ceph story around it. --Tony Morelli CHAPTER ONE McEagen knew it wouldn't be...
  3. Cephalopod Poetry Digest

    Cephalopod Poetry Digest

    A collection of cephalopod-themed poetry submitted to TONMO. artwork by Nancy King Poem: After Squid School Pell-mell, they swish and brush and sweep Tumbling in one promiscuous heap. Until you wonder by what token They 'scape with all their tentacles unbroken. Bold, reckless, cunning, cool...