Seeking Ceph Realted Items For Educational Purposes

tinak3531;95740 said:
Anyone have any ideas on any DVD's on cephs? I got nothing. Dylan's got blue planet, and IMAX deep sea, thats about it. I have Steve O ' Shea's special and Kubadera's special and killer squid(I didn't win the spelling bee , please forgive me if I botched his name) on tivo, but thats all i can find. I found something once mentioning a PBS special, but never was able to find anything on it. I also can't find one prgram specifically on octopus. there are octopus here and there on some of the programs, but none specifically dedicated to them that I can find. Just curious! Thanks as always, you guys are all great!

Here's a good starting point, where Toren collected a bunch of ceph documentary info:

Video Features on Giant Squid etc...
thanks monty! Im new to the site, and had i spent a little more time looking, I may have found that thread on my own, but it was much quicker with your assistance:smile: there are quite a few on there he may not have seen, still a sadly short list though isn't it? I think O'Shea needs to make another one, ha ha. He sure hooked Dylan at "CAT scan" :smile: thanks again

I have purchased, received but not viewed :oops: this one:

Very nice guy that made it but I can't recommend it for sure yet until I take the time to view his photography. He has travelled a lot and makes the videos as a sideline hobby. He can ship the CD without the case for about half of what it costs with the case and will include the paper case cover if you choose the cheaper shipping method. You can email him through eBay (fortunately, he has no problem with English).

Scott Cassell also makes appearances on TONMO and is an expert on the Humbolt (try searching scott cassell and/or posts by gonetobaja). This is one link that mentions a couple of videos on these agressive squid:

[Press Release]: Humbolt Squid Video Event

whenever you are able to watch that one, if you have time, let me know how it is, i will look in to those on the humboldt, dylan just loves those its his 2nd favorite squid (behind archituthis of course) favorite octopus, grimptoteuthis, he loves dumbo and has a pitiful "almost" one painted on his wall. ( hey, i tried:smile: any thoughts on where to find anything on that elusive little guy? "the deep " segment of blue planet mentions him, but very briefly, may be due to the fact that not much is known about him? even that 80 pound book "Ocean" has like 10 sentences on dumbo, any thoughts?
just wanted to add a picture of my our little guy:smile:

here is a picture of our little ceph-head, this is one of his favorite pictures with an achor on madiera beach, he was so excited to see one, I just don't know why:smile: thanks again to all of you for your posts, I have been grateful to find the items you all have suggested, still looking for a neat poster to frame for his room if anyone has any ideas, also, has anyone ever seen any bedding that is ceph realted? I know thats a long shot but I guess it is worth asking, thanks again, I will be sure to add a picture when he gets trapper if everything goes okay:smile:


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while I am at it, may as well add a picture of "the room of squid" as I like to call it, it is Dylan's room and was supposed to be all kinds of sea life, and it has become a little overtaken with squid, all 4 walls are painted although in this shot you can only see 2, AND NO LAUGHING AT MY ARTWORK,


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ha ha

at least the wallpaper in the grandkids room has identifiable fish on it:smile: well at least dylan knows what i was trying to paint anyways, he picked all the crittters to go on there, the only one I thought looked okay is the vampire squid, but that's on another wall, but at least you can tell what it is! Well he seems to like it anyways, i told you guys he was a little strange! He also likes the deep sea creatures too in addition to cephs ( i know guys that the hairy anglerfish looks like something a squid threw up but I tried) The coolest thing about it is that at night, the deep sea creatures and the firefly squid glow, i found blue glow in the dark paint online, and painted all the lures and any other bioluminescent body parts and the copepods in the glow in the dark paint so its neat at night (when you can't see all my boo boo's, he he)

wanted to post this and say thank you to member dwhatley for all her help, Dylan is overjoyed and is very happy to have trapper.


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Yeah, I wanted to try preserving her since I had some stronger formaline than I like using but couldn't quite feature keeping her around. This gave me an opportunity to try a procedure and give Trapper to a budding marine biologist.

Thanks again for all the help! I was amazed how much the body felt like a rubber toy after the formaline soak. Does straight alcohol do the same thing?
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