Seeking Ceph Realted Items For Educational Purposes

May 28, 2007
I am looking for a little help, I have a 4 year old son named Dylan who is without a doubt (dont all parents say this, ha ha) the most brilliant kid I know. He is so interested in any ocean life that it nearly consumes him. I even had to pain a deep sea mural on his walls with at least 8, -yup you guessed it- squid. He will pass up toys any day to have someone read him a book on ocean life, and knows many of the squid species. Anyways, thank goodness for tivo because Dr. Stephen O'Shea is his idol and we watch his discovery documentary at least once a week. At this point, I feel I have found everything I can related to squid and octopi that I can, we have bought frozed squid parts and used his microscope, DVD's , figurines, and of course books on cephalopods, but I know there is more out there. I am wondering if anyone can tell me where I may find other cephalopod materials. Maybe a preserved specimen ( i have found an octopus, and a shark, but no squid, supposedly these are already dead and arent killed just for preserving which I would'nt want) or a beak, ( i would have no idea where to find one of these, from what i have seen none of the local markets around here carry whole squid) even a nice print for framing or an anatomical poster would be fascinating. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:smile:
Thanks for the Help!

Thanks so much for the resources Jean, with the information you have provided, I am sure to find something new to stimulate the little ones brain with (or mine that is now overloaded with fish and squid, ha ha) Anyways, I really appreciate it and thanks so much for taking the time to respond:smile:

tinak3531;95482 said:
Anyways, thank goodness for tivo because Dr. Stephen O'Shea is his idol

Oh, like he needed that ego boost. Now, there'll be no living with him!

Seriously, what a great kid Dylan sounds like, refreshing to meet young people who have a something grander in their life than the next xbox game.

Be sure to post a lot !

Ha Ha Ha

Sorry for the huge ego boost! Anybody who works with squids or other marine life is a hero in his eyes, and honestly, his interest in the subject has helped him dramatically overcome his fear of water, a year ago, playing in the ocean would have been out of the question, but now that he knows all his little fishy friends live there, we couldn't drag him out of the gulf of mexico! Sorry, but we gotta boost O'Shea's ego here, fantastic work, very excellent program, (although I could go the rest of my life without watching it again, Lets say I have seen it more than once, ). I think that it is important that we let children get involved in things they show interest in as early as possible, so as to encourage a passion very early on for what they love, and hopefully they will be more likely to pursue it in the end, perhaps it is O'Shea's hands - on approach that intrigues Dylan, or the fact that you can see that he truly cares what he is working on, either way, Dylan has developed an accent, (We live in Ohio, we don't have accents, ) and keeps telling me how many meters long things are, I keep trying to figure out how to convert units in my head! Ha Ha, So Thank you so Stepen O'Shea, and everyone who is trying to make marine biology fascinating again, and I am still looking for for squid-tastic items if anyone has any suggestions! Thanks
Jean you crack me up

Dylan's music choices are obviosly influenced by what we listen to, but, no Neil yet, but you never know, he does seem to favor some "older music" especially jazzy music, Oh my, I'll have to make sure I don't play too much Neil around him! I wasn't aware of Dr. O'Shea's love of Neil Diamond's music, but what an interesting tidbit. Thank you all for being so kind and continuing to reply, it has been tremendously helpful to meet people with similar interests who are willing to share their time for our little boy, Thanks again

I'm no O'Shea :wink: , but I can probably send you a preserved squid (Loligo pealeii). I am a marine science educator and they tend to die in our trwal anyways . . . . email me @ conal DOT okeefe AT gmail DOT com if you want me to look into it.

p.s. I have a squid tattoo that is posted somewhere on this sire; I know the attraction to the squid . . . :smile:

WIth lots of Thanks

What an amazing show of thoughfulness I have experienced on this website, I can't thank all of you enough for all you help. I am wondering if anybody knows how I may post a little picture of Dylan somewhere for you to see if you are interested, I have a few cute photos of him with his microscope and our recent study of grocery store squid parts:smile: Also wondering if anyone knows where I might find a plush of stuffed animal of a squid. He is wise beyond his years but still likes something to cuddle at night. Right now it is his blue-ringed octopus by Wild Republic (yup I found one of those, but no squid yet!) I read him an article recently about hobbyists selling blue-rings for aquarists not knowing what they were and Dylan got all in an uproar and said "mommy they can't do that , those are poisonous" . He is very fond of his stuffed one though! He has a giant octopus, but it is far too big to sleep with! He has asked numerous times about a squid, but i haven't been able to locate one yet. Thanks so much for the post about the lightswitch covers, I am going to get one, it will make a wonderful addition to his squid-tastic room. ( I am no picasso, but I thought I did an okay job painting the squid unil Dylan started pointing out my mistakes!) Also Still looking for a neat poster or print of squid if anyone has suggestions on where to find one. Thanks again so much to everyone, you guys have been a tremendous help:smile:

Wow, you guys make me say thanks a LOT

Thank you to Monty for reccommending sites for squid plush, I don't know how over the top I am feeling for that huge archi, but I will wait for a reply as to what the cost for such a beast is, and I will let you know. Of course Dylan can't sleep with that big thing! He can sleep on i though! The one from the big zoo is absoloutely perfect, I am throwing it in the shopping cart! This is great, he reminds me of Loinus from Charlie Brown with the blanket the way he carries around his blue ring, now he will have something new to carry around (he takes these things everywhere, even the grocery store:smile: Thanks a whole bunch, Ill keep you updated on that bohemouth squid, it is pretty cool, I will be curious to see how much they want for it.

Tina K

Update on the stuffed Giant squid search. The squid from the big zoo is definently coming home, but the other REALLY GIANT squid, will have to wait for Donald Trump to adopt him! Some of Archi's smaller friends are more reasonable, so we may look into those, they also do custom orders, so we may also ask them to quote a smaller squid, maybe 3 feet instead of 15! and he is 4, so it doesnt need to be made out of $50 a yard fabric, so it may still be a possibility. Thanks for the help!

Any thoughts?

Anyone have any ideas on any DVD's on cephs? I got nothing. Dylan's got blue planet, and IMAX deep sea, thats about it. I have Steve O ' Shea's special and Kubadera's special and killer squid(I didn't win the spelling bee , please forgive me if I botched his name) on tivo, but thats all i can find. I found something once mentioning a PBS special, but never was able to find anything on it. I also can't find one prgram specifically on octopus. there are octopus here and there on some of the programs, but none specifically dedicated to them that I can find. Just curious! Thanks as always, you guys are all great!

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